The Trainers



 Sandi Kaio:  Bsc, CHEK, NPT, NZ Tri

Sandi thrives on challenges and believes that to succeed in the world you need a good attitude, self confidence and a personal character that accepts all of life’s challenges.  Through exercise her aim is to develop these traits, which have the potential to lay a foundation for success in all areas of life.

Sandi has a varied history in sports participation and believes she has the drive and passion to encourage and inspire others.  Her personal touch provides motivation, variety, fun and support which is so essential towards achieving goals.

A Science Degree  and  passion for sports, encouraged Sandi to get involved  in the fitness industry with Shane in 1997 when  they formed Body Mechanics.  Sandi is also a follower of the CHEK training principles and  is a NZ Triathlon Coach—Level 1.

She has represented NZ in Hockey, and more recently become involved in Adventure Racing, Triathlon, Mountain and Road biking events.  Sandi is an avid cook and loves spicy food, and also enjoys camping, traveling and reading a jolly good book.

Shane Kaio:   CHEK, PTI, NSCA, CANZ

Shane is a Product of the Product.  Using his knowledge and experience, has given him the belief and inspiration to motivate and support others to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Since 1989 Shane has worked in the gym industry developing programmes for first time exerciser to Olympic Athletes.  In recognition of his efforts Shane was awarded a Prime Ministers Scholarship in 2010 to further his strength and conditioning knowledge.

While Manager of Personal Training at 3 Corporate Health Clubs in London, Shane observed the high standards of client care offered.  This has assisted in the development of  “Goal Achievement Strategies” and the “Personal Wellness Programme”.

Shane endorses the CHEK training principles and is currently a NZ Academy of Sport Physical Conditioner for elite athletes in the Bay of Plenty.

Shane enjoys a variety of activities including travel, hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking and camping in the great outdoors.  He has representing NZ at Basketball and is a qualified snow board instructor. He also enjoys learning and reading about health and sports performance.