Weight Management

“A greater sense of well being, feeling healthy & fit”

I originally started personal training with Sandi as I wanted to achieve a greater sense of well being, feel healthy and fit. Since my very session I felt completely at home, as though I had know Shane and Sandi my entire life. It is this complete sense of belonging which kept me coming back every single week. 

I can’t even explain how awesome Sandi is, it doesn’t even feel like you are working out at all, she makes the whole session so much fun and just when you think you can’t do one more rep she is there to tell you how great you are doing. 

I absolutely loved being a part of the Body Mechanics family and the flexibility that they offered was fantastic for a working single mother with 2 young kids like myself. I was so sad to leave when I moved Australia and haven’t yet found anyone over here who even comes close to the fun yet professional environment that they provide. 

After my last session I realised that I have gained so much more than I had originally expected…not only did I feel healthy and fit now but I also had such a great sense of empowerment and utter amazement at just what I was actually capable of.  

I cant ever thank you enough Sandi. You are the best!! X


20kgs – GONE!

I had always been a ‘big’ girl – taller and heavier than most other girls my age and while I was aware of it, I was always genuinely surprised when people brought it up or pointed it out to me.   My first few sessions were a bit of a wakeup call – my goal was to be fit and healthy for life.  The small changes were right up my alley – when I hit my first weight loss goal I began to believe that more was possible than I had previously thought.  I started running. .  I have completed three more half marathons since then, the most recent being a PB.  I am 20kg lighter, and have built a veritable library (in my head) of nutrition and training facts and programmes that I love to share whether people like it or not.  Sandi is the lady who came along when I didn’t know I needed her, who perseveres with my questions, refusals, mistakes, joys and obsessions, and has made such a difference to my life and to my aspirations.

Many thanks Sandi
Kelly Ngawhare

Shaved off 25kg and still counting!

Sandi at Body Mechanics, Mount Maunganui was my physical trainer throughout 2013 and 2014. Sandi’s ability to motivate, educate and achieve results, while keeping a calm and efficient professional demeanour, is inspiring. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of physical training and dietary requirements shaved twenty five kilos off my frame and dramatically improved my fitness levels. Her sunny, upbeat personality makes her a pleasure to learn from, and she has become a valued friend and mentor. She has been the inspiration to improve my levels of fitness on an on going basis, and is my first choice as a physical trainer and advisor.

Enjoying the journey
Cassy Green


Shane took on the challenge of getting Monique into tip top shape for her wedding.  A 12 month transformation transpired and a new more confident, inspired, healthy and fit Monique was unveiled.

These Photos speak for themselves!

A pleasure to contribute to the new Monique and help her be her best on her special day – Shane

Monique Wedding