Health & Fitness

Busy Mum

“I have been training with Sandi for over 10 years.

She has ridden the rollercoaster ride of a knee operation, rehabilitation, two pregnancies and finding the time to train while juggling life with pre school children.

I love my sessions with Sandi as she is always highly motivating, fun, upbeat and positive. She is my ‘accountability factor’ every week, which keeps me focussed about the exercise that I complete outside of my sessions with her.  Sandi always pushes my physical limits and her sessions are very punchy, pacey and constantly evolving.

As a mother of two, I feel that she understands the need to streamline my fitness programme, to fit around the needs and time constraints, that come with two young children.  This coupled with the fact that I have injuries, and the management of these,  need to constantly complement my fitness programme.

Sandi takes an interest in the whole ‘body approach’ to exercise and health.  She encourages me to remain focussed about my diet, and overall wellbeing outside of the gym. (Lets face it, sometimes you need that voice inside your head telling you to put down the muffin, and get out there in the rain and train …. she is that voice!)

Both Sandi and Shane have created a very warm, friendly atmoshphere in their training studio and I feel very privileged to be part of the Body Mechanics family!”
Kath Smallbone


I started training with Sandi over 10 years ago. I had foolishly said I would do the round Taupo bike ride (all 160km) with a group of friends, forgetting that the last time I had sat on a bike I had been 20.With Sandi’s training program I was the only one of the group to do Taupo.

I also started running and Sandi wrote programmes that saw me completing numerous half marathons. The training has kept my fitness levels up and allowed me to recover faster than I would have if I hadn’t been training with Sandi and she has altered my programs to suit my lifestyle and needs at the time.

I live near Katikati so Sandi has designed me a home programme that I can do in my spare time.  That one work out a week that I have with her is one of the highlights of my week. We work hard, have a lot of laughs and poke fun at all the things that are stressing me out at the time. Then I go up the mount and run around it, honestly its beautiful and if I feel too hot I even throw myself into the surf. By the time I’m finished I know I’m alive, my stress levels are down and I’m ready to face the week. Fantastic!

Thanks Sandi I love it!
Angie By de Ley 

The Butter-Flies! 

Butterflies go through different life stages, and they look very different at each stage.  This is known as metamorphosis.  Anna and I also experienced a metamorphosis from lazy fat body to active fit body. We got those “butterfly” lessons and guidance from Sandi, the Body Mechanics Guru.  The first step was to take care of our diet, which meant among others: “Let the butter fly………” And another was to exercise and go from one exercise to the other one ……like a butterfly…….

Many thanks Sandi, we feel very young and fit and look forward to our 2 month Europe journey.  Every morning we will keep the metamorphosis moving…….thinking of you until we are back in your Body Mechanics club!

Your butterflies
Ben and Anna van Toledo   


I have trained with both Shane and Sandi.

Sandi began helping me in the gym about 15 years ago, when I had ruptured my ACL (knee ligament).  I did not have it operated on and due largely to the exercises and guidance she gave me, I was able to strengthen the knee to an amazing level.  I am now able to play tennis, ski and run on it – in fact do virtually anything I want on it. I have always been very impressed how much thought and research she puts into her exercise prescription, and how effective the programmes have been for me. She has continued to help me to this day.

I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and committment as a training duo. 
Debbie Clark