Personal Training


Personal Training

Body Mechanics have developed personal training systems which caters to all your exercise and wellness needs.   We work with you throughout your personal training session ensuring that you have the most enjoyable, efficient and effective workout every time.

Your certified and experienced personal trainer will plan, guide, motivate, support and most importantly educate you to reach new levels.

  • Fitness & Health
  • Weight Loss / Weight Management
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Stress Management
  • Balanced Lifestyle
  • Functional Fitness / Movement
  • Food & Diet Guidelines
  • Core Training / Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Sports Specific Training & Coaching
  • Injury Rehab
  • Pre & Post Natal


Personal Wellness Programme (PWP)

Body Mechanics Personal Wellness Programme has been developed to generate a sound understanding of your health and exercise history, your current wellness status, and to develop a “Road Map” to navigate the challenges and obstacles that need to be addressed to achieve your desired outcome.

We will provide the structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration to enable you to learn, grow and to develop life skills, to take charge of your own wellness and exercise  aspirations.

Wellness Profile (WP)
This forms the foundation from which we build your programme and works in conjunction with our “Goal Achievement Strategies”.  For some this may include a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) with your doctor.

Goal Achievement Strategies (G.A.S.)
These are the tools we have developed to support you on your journey.