Coaching and Sports Specific Conditioning

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Conditioning can be part of an Annual Training Plan with several training phases to have your performance peak at specific times of the year.

A biomechanical analysis of your sport and position can be carried out to establish which enegy systems and movement patterns need developing.

A nutritional analysis and recommendations can be completed to ensure good health, enegy and recovery from exercise.

Depending on your sport other considerations include: skills, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, posture, joint stability, injury prevention, fitness, endurance, strength, power, agility and speed.

  • General & High Performance Conditioning for all Sports
  • NZ Academy of Sport Physical Conditioner  (10+ years)
  • Triathlon Coaching – Coaching
  • Cycle Coaching – Cycle Coaching & Strength Conditioning Plans
  • Golf Conditioning – Titleist Performance Institute Assessment & Guidelines

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